Passion: Computer Science and Art

Computer Science Art

My first experience with computer technology occurred at a local museum. As my teacher spoke on the ability to accomplish a variety of tasks through code, I was ecstatic to realize the possibility of acquiring computer science skills for the betterment of the underprivileged.

My AP Computer Science Principles class was only the beginning of my computer science journey. After my fourth project, I realized I was approaching computer science questions the same way I would sketch a fashion design, creating new methods to solve a problem. Dots and circles would transform into four dimensions, just by changing angles and vertices. I always had the urge to make my code more efficient and tractable. Computer science matters to me because it enables everyone to find patterns without discrete instructions.

 Despite not affording summer coding classes and relocating to a new school without computer science classes, I continued my pursuits by going to the library to learn code, constantly coming out with ten books at a time. Computer science matters because it is the basis of collaboration and it enables self expression. Whether that is developing apps for underprivileged women in Africa or a hilarious Obama-Biden meme, computer science is everywhere and I want to be a part of the process.