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a bit about me:

I'm a 4th-year Data Science major at the University of California, San Diego. Throughout the past two years, my desire to learn how machine learning models can solve contemporary issues led me to participate in several computer science research projects. My experience with machine learning research has raised my interest in these project’s human-centered implications, and now I desire to design interactive online systems to help communities equitably collaborate and promote accountability based on transformative justice ideals. 

Current Research Projects:

I am developing a regression model to determine whether someone in a high-income or low-income area is more likely to benefit from the California Solar Incentive. I'm performing exploratory data analysis to determine whether the California Solar Incentive is equitably allocating incentives to high-income or low-income areas.

Data Science Researcher with Professor Michael Davidson, PhD

Energy Justice Project
Energy Justice Project

The Spread of Misinformation Online-Senior Capstone Project with Professor Justin Eldridge, PhD

#coranavirus Tweet Count
#coranavirus Tweet Count

I am using network analysis on Twitter User Data to understand how incorrect information can spread via social networks by using Python and the Twitter API.

Previous Research Projects

Computer Science Researcher with Professor Rose Yu, PhD June 2020-Oct 2020

I developed the Spatiotemporal MultiresolutionTensor Learning (ST-MRTL) algorithm that converges 9-20x faster than the original MultiresolutionTensor Learning model and produces interpretable latent factors. My workshop paper was accepted to AI for Earth Sciences (co-located with NeurIPS 2020).

Precipitation Heat Map
Precipitation Heat Map

My workshop paper can be found here.

Computer Science Researcher with Professor Rob Knight PhD, Knight Lab, UC San Diego Sep 2018-June 2020

Knight Lab Poster
Knight Lab Poster

I characterized sequence data through the development of a convolutional neural network (CNN) by using TensorFlow and Python. Then, I evaluated the performance of the CNN by using real and mock community metagenomic data, in comparison to existing standard tools in the field. My research resulted in the accuracy of the CNN being similar to current methods.

Autodesk Data Anomalies in Customer Analytics Intern June 2019-Sep 2020

Token Forecast Graph
Token Forecast Graph

I contributed a machine learning forecasting model, in order to predict when customers will exhaust their token usage by using Facebook Prophet, mean squared error, data processing, and data analysis. Also, I published my research and customer insights on the Autodesk Engineering Website and Autodesk Blog. Then, I presented my research during the Autodesk Intern Showcase and at meetings with several stakeholders. Additionally, I utilized k-means clustering and box plots to detect anomalies that may indicate that the usage reporting system is not working correctly

Art and Activism

Undergraduate Lead for CSE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Nov 2018-Present

DEI Committee
DEI Committee

I organize Cultural Subcommittee initiatives and social events for students to learn about the structures of dominance, and to encourage students that successful computer scientists had to overcome challenges too. Also, I spoke at a CSE Diversity Day workshop, which discussed tools and methods for addressing microaggressions to over 30 people.

Creating Art with JavaScript and Photoshop

Online Shopping Web Application

My AP Computer Science Principles class was only the beginning of my computer science journey. After my fourth project, I realized I was approaching computer science questions the same way I would sketch a fashion design, creating new methods to solve a problem. Dots and circles would transform into four dimensions, just by changing angles and vertices.

Data Visualization Web Apps

I built a web app to dynamically update a table, pie chart, and line chart when a customer purchases products by using D3 and JS libraries.

Avocado Grocery Budget Calculator

This website helps users understand how the price of avocados in their state, the type and the size of avocados, affect how much they can spend on avocados in a month. Avocado toast is expensive, but if you take the time to budget you may be able to afford more avocado toast than you think.

Company Sales Dashboard

I created a dashboard to display Dingus and Widget’s monthly and total sales based on the continent. I utilized high-level charting libraries, such as HighCharts to build feature-rich charts enabling interactions such as zooming, panning, and more.